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Oklahoma Personal Insurance

Home and Auto Insurance: It's All About the Value

Our homes are often the single largest purchase we’ll make in our lifetime. More past, current, and future earnings go into your home than any other single investment. They can also be the single largest location of assets a person has.

Often at number two of biggest purchases is our vehicle. If we did the math on what we spend on our cars and trucks over the years we might be astonished. Logically, then, the choice of how we protect our vehicles, and our home and the things that live there requires some careful thought and attention.

Think of the time and energy we spend acquiring that perfect place to live or that sweet ride to get us there and back. We’re not lured by the cheapest thing hiding under a fresh coat of paint—nor should we fall for the same ploy when it comes to insurance. Fast and cheap comes up slow and empty in the event of an accident, fire, flood, or other potential loss. For the dangers we face we need a purpose-built product—thoughtfully crafted based on our personal needs. It should be convenient and built-to-budget but the quality has to be there. It’s all about the value.

Reach out to a Covva Insurance specialist now to craft an insurance policy for you.

Image by Rowan Heuvel
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